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Resources for Student Athletes

At Weill Cornell Medicine, we think that sports play an integral role in a child’s life, helping him or her to learn important skills in teamwork, leadership, and work ethic. We only hope that kids play in the safest way possible, and that if they get hurt, they know ‘when to sit it out.’

We’re joining the important voices of successful athletes who want kids and adults alike to understand how serious this injury can be and what resources to consult if it happens to you.


About CTE:

At the more serious end of the brain injury spectrum, repeated concussions have been hypothesized to lead to a disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy in adult athletes that may lead to debilitating cognitive impairment, depression, anxiety, and other issues. We think that the public should understand the severity of injury that may result from repeated hits over an extended period of time.

There is a new Will Smith movie called “Concussion” coming out this Christmas (December 2015) about CTE and its impact on the lives of several NFL players. Check out the trailer here

A recent peer-reviewed article revealed the high incidence of this disease in retired NFL players 

Web Sites:

Student athletes may also find these web sites helpful:

CDC: Concussion Signs and Symptoms

NCAA Grand Alliance

CIC TBI Collaboration

PLUS: Click here to learn about the impact of concussions in youth football leagues across the country, and to see how the American Academy of Pediatrics is suggesting that we make the game safer.

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