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Future Research

Who will be able to safely get back on the field after an injury, and who won’t? Answering this question in the most objective way possible is essential to protecting the health of athletes.

Our future research will build on current projects in order to develop the objective assessment measures that the field needs. It will also improve concussion therapeutics, which remain limited despite concussion’s massive incidence.

With your help, we hope to advance:

  • a blood test used for diagnosing traumatic brain injury on the field, court, ice, etc.
  • new MRI “pulse sequences” that will help us to take pictures of the brain in higher definition, so that we can better see structural deficits in the connections that allow the brain to “talk” to the rest of the body
  • a drug that helps the brain to deal with the “energy crisis” that can cause lasting secondary damage following traumatic brain injury 

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