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Return to Work/Play/School Recommendations

One of the most important features of our program is our recommendation for a return to normal activities. This recommendation is based on the experience of our staff in treating professional athletes, high school and college athletes, and non-athletes who have sustained concussions. 

Each patient will receive a treatment plan tailored specifically to his or her circumstances:

  • For athletes, we will make recommendations for when to begin a gradually escalating program of exercise (as endorsed by the CDC) once the patient is symptom free, followed by clearance to return to practice and play. 
  • For adults, the recommendations will include how to manage return to work, including how much time off, if any, is advisable. We will also make suggestions on how to deal with managing the physical and mental demands of the individual’s job.
  • For high school or college students, the recommendations will include how to manage classes and, if necessary, work with the office of student services if any temporary accommodations are necessary. 
  • For children, we will make similar recommendations regarding class attendance, homework, extra-curricular activities, and tests, including interfacing with the appropriate school personnel as needed. 
  • For all patients, our suggestions for rest or limited activities will be specific to that individual. We will not make the blanket recommendation for complete physical and mental rest that is suggested by many other centers. 

Our goal is to maximize the speed and thoroughness of recovery from concussion, while balancing the daily requirements specific to each individual patient.

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