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Weill Cornell Neuro-ophthalmologist Marc Dinkin, Specializing in Concussion and Brain InjuryOphthalmologists have expertise in all areas of vision, but neuro-ophthalmologists are specially trained in the complex interaction between the brain and the eye. Areas of the brain that control efficient and steady eye movement and visual scanning and focus may suffer subtle damage in a patient who has sustained a concussion or TBI; neuro-ophthalmologists have the expertise to identify that damage as being the cause of visual complaints. 

Patients who suffer from double vision, loss of acuity or color vision, or problems with visual memory after a concussion may find that expert evaluation by a neuro-ophthalmologist can pinpoint the source of the problem and lead to a lasting solution. A qualified neuro-ophthalmologist can recommend short- and long-term vision rehabilitation strategies to help the patient overcome the effects of the concussion.

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