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Follow-up and Monitoring

The patient will be followed by telephone for the first week after the injury, and requested to come in for a follow-up appointment after one week. Symptoms and progress will be tracked, and repeat brief testing may be performed. Brief weekly follow-up appointments will continue until the symptoms resolve, usually within one to six weeks. 

If the injury was sports related, recommendations will be made for an escalating program of exercise specific to that sport to gradually resume practice and play. If the patient is a student, recommendations will be made for return to school, including any accommodations that may be advisable.

Patients who have persisting symptoms after six weeks will be referred for assessment of biopsychosocial factors contributing to the persisting symptoms and for cognitive remediation to assist in recovery.

The experts at the Weill Cornell Medicine Concussion and Brain Injury Clinic work closely on each individual case to ensure the best care for our patients. Patients who require services from our neuro-ophthalmology, physiatry, or neurological surgery departments will be monitored throughout their course of care.

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