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Dr. Kosofsky Talks About the Movie "Concussion"

Dr. Barry Kosofsky, director of the Weill Cornell Concussion and Brain Injury Clinic, recently appeared on Fox Sports Extra to talk about concussions — and the movie "Concussion." (Click on the image below to watch the video.)

Dr. Barry Kosofsky on Fox5NY talking about Concussion

"A physiatrist told me to keep my son home from school for two weeks! The neuro experts at Weill Cornell created a better plan for him, one that let him go to school while also protecting his health."
"I got up and walked out when the doctor at another concussion clinic told me to get used to ‘the new me.’ At Weill Cornell I found brain experts who are helping me get back to the old me – the real me!"
"I couldn't figure out why I was still feeling so ‘fuzzy’ at work, months after my accident. The neuropsychologist at Weill Cornell helped me understand what was going on, and how to get my cognitive skills back."
"Dr. Perrine provided me with individualized care catered to the specifics of my concussion history. Unlike other doctors I had seen, Dr. Perrine understood the type of lifestyle I wanted to lead and worked with me to return my life to as normal as possible, instead of forcing me to dramatically change the way I had been approaching life, which had caused me a lot of unnecessary additional stress."