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How Soon to Be Treated

The impacts sustained in a football game are often powerful enough to cause concussion
Not every concussion is an emergency, but some head injuries call for an immediate trip to the emergency room. Any individual who suffers a head injury followed by any of these serious symptoms should be evaluated in an emergency room:

  • Unusual behavior or confusion
  • Progressive or worsening symptoms
  • Weakness, numbness, slurred speech
  • Difficulty with eye movements
  • Worsening or severe headache
  • Seizure
  • Vomiting multiple times
  • Difficulty waking up or arousing
  • Discharge of clear fluid or blood from the nose or ears

If none of the more serious symptoms are present, the patient may have a concussion not requiring an ER visit. The hallmarks of concussion are:

  • a temporary sense of confusion or disorientation, or feeling “foggy” or “out of it”  
  • an inability to remember the injury itself, or what happened just before the injury (retrograde amnesia)
  • an inability to remember things after the injury (post-traumatic amnesia)

Those three symptoms are the hallmarks of concussion, but if none of the more serious symptoms above are present the individual should call our concussion hotline (212-746-1112) or use our online form to request an appointment. Patients are seen within 24 to 48 hours; our expert team will diagnose the concussion and provide evaluation and treatment as needed. (See other Symptoms of Concussion.)

Even if no serious symptoms are present, any athlete with a suspected concussion should not return to the field until after being evaluated.

Concussion Hotline

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Whether your concussion was an hour ago or a year ago, we take your symptoms seriously. For expert assessment, call us or use our online form.
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